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Kill Birds With Rockets 2

PlayUse strategy to position the rockets the best way, killing maximum number of birds.



IQ Ball

PlayTest your IQ, try to each the target ball with your spikes in this challenging puzzle game.

Gun Express

PlayDelivering the expensive (and explosive) package is all up to you! Drive fast and shoot the traffic on your way.

DuckLife2: World Champion

PlayWelcome to the Duck World Championship. You are the famous duck trainer and it’s up to you to train the best duck!

Best Friends Forever 3

PlayThe 3 best friends are stuck in the mine. Help them all out.


PlayHelp your dazed friend through the puzzling levels. Collect power gems. Travel through the jungle with the ancient teleporter to the great sage who has the power to heal your friend.


PlayUse your ship-flying skills to successfully maneuver the ship through the levels.

Ultimate War


Carnival Showdown

PlayWelcome to the great carnival! Practice your shooting skills and win the game!